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Hair Care Tips!

Customer Care

Here are some hair care tips


  • Co wash your hair every week and only conditioner twice a week so that the hair doesn't have any products build up and the hair stays clean and soft.


  • Always let your hair air dry. If you do blow dry your hair, do it on a cool setting with a round brush and always style right afterwards to avoid tangling.


  • Always use a heat protectant whenever you use heat on your hair to avoid breakage and hair getting tangled and matted on hot days.

  • If you bleach or dye your hair, always use a neutralizing shampoo to stop chemicals from processing in the hair and use hair mask afterwards to put strength back into the hair.

  •   Wrap your hair up with a silk scarf for straight hair to avoid tangles in your sleep.

  • NEVER brush your hair starting at the top! Always brush from the bottom up to avoid tangling and breakage !

Payment Methods

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